List of Companies Under Debarment Process

RowBidder NameEmailAddressRequested ByEntity TypeLicense Number
1Azizi Parwan Construction Companyaziziparwan6@gmail.comMarket Square, Parwan 3, District # 4, KabulMinistry of Higher EducationFirmD-26007
2Folad Milad Construction Companyfmcc.kb@gmail.comRoad # 4, Qala-e-fathullah, District # 10, KabulMinistry of Public WorksFirmD-31586
3Saleh Ejaz Construction # 33, 3rd Floor, Bakzada Market, District # 4, KabulMinistry of Public WorksFirmD-2806-7
4Bashir Hashimi Construction and Road Building of Omar Jan Kandahari Masjid, Karta-e-4, KabulCapitan Region Independent Development Authority FirmD-27348
5Aria Target Petroleum JV Cefe Group Ltdabu@ariatarget.comBlock # 123, Line # 3, Qala-e-fathullah, District # 10, KabulMinistry of Interior Firm150
6Priemiere Urgence - Aide Medical Internationalafg.hom@pu-ami.workHouse # 59, Street # 5, Qala-e-fathulllah, District # 10, KabulMinistry of Public HealthFirm173
7Foshang Construction Companyfoshang_cc@yahoo.comStreet # 9, Taimani Watt, KabulMinistry of Higher EducationFirmD-3578-4
8Aria Target Petroleum LTDrezavee@ariatarget.comBlack # 123, Line # 3, District # 10, Qala-e-fathullah, KabulMinistry of Interior Firm85
9CEFE Group Petroleum Logisticsinfo@cefegroup.comBlack # 123, Line # 3, District # 10, Qala-e-fathullah, KabulMinistry of Interior FirmD-47934
10Samsoor Ghazniwal Tarading and Logistic Ltdnil@nil.comShaheed Square, Meerwais Maidan, KabulMinistry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Firm11-01-17829
11Meher and Brothers Logistic and Trading Ltdzarifkhan800@gmail.comOffice # 322, 3rd Floor, Najib Zarab Market, Qawa-e-markaz, KabulAdministrative Office of the PresidentFirm16560
12Koshki Brothers Construction Avenue, District # 5, Herat ProvinceMinistry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock FirmD-03-1030
13Sheen Zar Agriculture Trading Companynil@nil.comMohibzada Building, Maiwank Avenue, KabulMinistry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock FirmD-25621
14Energy Markets Global Limitedpetercameron@energymarketsglobal.euChenies House, 21 Bedfort Square, London WCIB 3HHt United KingdomMinistry of Mines and PetroleumFirm8487139 - England
15(Pacific Consultants International (Hong Kong)info@pcgasia.comSuite 1004,10th Floorn Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt, Hong KongMinistry of Mines and PetroleumFirm2178555 - Hong Kong
16UNICON Ltdinfo@uniconinternational.com20-22 Bedford Row London WCIR4JS, United kingdomMinistry of Mines and PetroleumFirm5987994 - England
17Faster Infrastructure Services suresh@fasterinfra.comHouse #285, Road # 15, Wazeer Akbar Khan, District # 10, KabulAfghanistan Investment Support Agency Joint VentureI-11383
18Wais Brothers Logistic # 9, Taimani, Kabul Afghanistan Investment Support Agency Joint VentureD-51616
19Hero Lucky Builders Construction, and construction materials productioninfo@hlg.afPanjshir business center, Charahi Dahn-e-BaghMinistry of Public WorksFirmD-29227
20State Shine Construction, and construction materials productionjawad.nadri@mail.comStreet 4, Charah-e Triffic, Kolala Pashta, District 4Ministry of Public WorksFirmD-40235